Good BYE 2020 !!!!!

Good BYE 2020

Where in India and all over the world 

today the old year is said Good BYE 2020 and the new year is welcomed.

On entering the new year greetings are given to each other. This year 2020 has brought a lot of hardships for journalists and farmers

A prominent Punjabi journalist was brought to Mohali police station and humiliated by the police on 24/05/2020 while covering Govt Lapses by the government due to Corona Crisis. A case has been registered against a journalist of “Paheredar” for writing a report on astrological trends of a Punjab minister and he was also severely beaten. Sukhwinder Sohi, a journalist from Sidhwan, and his mother were recently beaten by villagers for covering the deaths of 200 people with fake liquor, and the administration showed reluctance to take action.

Punjab Journalist Press Club Register President Manjit Mann Honest and a daring Journalist were also booked on the basis of suspicion and resentment in the murder case in happened in Kala Sanghian He was acquitted after three consecutive months of struggle. Chandanpreet Kaur, a TV journalist, was mistreated by a Congress  MP Jasbir Dimpa from Khadur Sahib in 2020. He was later booked by Jantar Mantar Street Police.

While this year has not been a good one for the journalists, as well as not for the farmers of the country, a movement which has been going on in the streets even in such a cold winter, millions of farmers, elderly children, mothers, and sisters are trying to get this new farming law back. They are agitating on the streets of Delhi and at the same time, toll plazas in Punjab and Haryana have been made free. They are also protesting peacefully. Farmers’ dharnas are also going on at Andani and Ambani’s business outlets. Till now no passenger train was allowed to pass through the Jandiala railway line

Every effort is being made by the farmers to somehow get the government to understand their grievances and resolve them. In the end, it is up to the government to decide. What a difficult time it is for the farmers. On the one hand, they are protesting in Punjab and Haryana. Many of the there children are standing on the borders of the country to protect the country. Elderly sisters, mothers, and children are fighting for their existence even in the temperature of two degrees, regardless of the winter.

Message for worldwide 


Where the farmers themselves are fighting, this 2020 movement has sent a message to the world that in a country where four to five lakh people have been struggling for three consecutive months, if they are not heard, then what will happen to a single person in such a country? That is why everyone in India has their own unions

Punjab Press Club office bearers meet in Nakodar and pass a resolution to give full support to Kisan Andolan

Farmers protest in India Awakens political parties

While this movement has forced the political parties to rethink and adopt a new strategy, even though all theministers, Rajya Sabha members of all parties, and especially the Chief Ministers of the country have been aware of this law since January 5. The ordinance was passed on January 5, but after the 8th months on Sep 27 when it was passed in parliament and raja sabha too, the ruling party will still say that we have awakened the farmers so that to overtake 40-member committee and  hardships of every farmer 

What said a former IAS

Another new information given by a former IAS officer is that the definition of a farmer has been changed under the “One Country One policy”, which makes the demand to repeal the new farmer laws to farmers justifiable, according to the former IAS officer. On the other hand, the Akalis will also say that we have broken our old ministerial tenure for the farmers and talk of a federal structure for the farmers. The AAP will talk about old issues like mining and drug trafficking. But now all eyes of peoples of India on farmers community, if they come in power, can give a better future to 82% of farmers community and rest 

This year 2020 will also be a lesson for the journalists as the people involved in the Farmer Agitation from all over the country have not relied on the Indian National media at all. The famous journalist Ravish has named it Godhy  Media. they described farmers  as a terrorist, a Naxalite 

Peoples lost faith in National media in Good BYE 2020

During this time the agitators relied heavily on social media and web media which gave a lot of impetus to their movement and the true picture of the agitators could be presented to the world. because they think Godhy media, They are associated with their current parties and they only report their loved ones when they do not present the right picture to the public.


Recent Example of Godhi Media in India in Good BYE 2020


A few days ago 15/12/2020 I read a news in a big newspaper, the development work of Eco tourist place Hari Ke Pattan in Punjab has been completed it:s development works and it has been opened for the environmentalists while the work mentioned in this news It was done in 20/03/2017, so I published the news about it again which I am giving the link of Full information was also given to the people u can read Eco-Tourism in India, Punjab wetland in Punjab, Good news for Bird watchers..


As I have also received many annoying phone calls from people I have already mentioned above that not all journalists are the same but still a large number of media outlets have been docked which is a dangerous warning for the existence of journalism which is almost Punjab Press Club President Manjit Mann and Secretary Ravinder Verma throughout the year Principal Ravi Sharma, Patron S, J, S, Sandhu, Dr, Jagtar, Harjit Singh and Secretary Dr. Tarlochan Singh Teji and many District Presidents of the clubs were seen fighting all year round for the injustices done to journalists and the general public. I hope that this new year in which the people lost faith in journalism, the general public was saying that these journalists publish whatever the governments or their leaders want. Take this decline in journalism with you this year back. May 2021 be good for all and may the farmers of the country get their due. Good BYE 2020

Chief editor Dr. Teji

ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿੱਚ ਪੜ੍ਹਨ ਲਈ ਕਲਿੱਕ ਕਰੋ⇒ਅਲਵੀਦਾ 2020 !!!!!! 


अलविदा 2020 / सियासी गलियारे में एक नई चर्चा छेड़ गया साल 20 20 



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