Electro Homeopathy Doctors are in Trouble due to Curfew in Punjab

Nakodar (Ravindra Verma)Electro Homeopathy is a worldwide wide getting famous as a 5th medical science it is totally saved and without any side effects based on extracts of plants only so it purely vegetarian in origin,   There has a lockdown all over India due to the Coronavirus and even curfew has been imposed in Punjab. Every technique is being used to control the cause under which administration is giving its best. The administration didn’t think about those, here we are  today, we’re going to make you aware of those patients who are suffering from chronic diseases taking medicine from electro homeopathic doctors
And it is our duty to bring to mind the administration through Punjab Encounter because the life of everyone is precious so that the matter can be resolved immediately, yes we are talking about and associated with Alternative Therapies. Approximately 25 to 30% of India’s patients whose undergraduates (BEMS, BAMS, DHMS) are treated, to whom do not have allopathic suite full to the theme are not well, then such patients eat alternative medicines. , if we talk about the Electro Homeopathy doctors alone President of (Electro Homeopathy Association Registration Number 404 Punjab ) Dr. Jagtar Sekhon says that more than 5 lakh doctors are practicing it all over India. But now people are having trouble getting Curfew Pass for patients and their families are also worried about this. DR teji  specialists in this field at Nakodar also made this appeal through the video,

Dr Jagjit Singh from Jagran, who holds free camps at Anandpur sahib Punjab every year, has also appealed for this issue.

Electro Homeopathy Doctors are in Trouble due to Curfew in Punjab so this is our request to the Punjab govt to take a .decision on this issue as earlier as possible


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