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Dr.Count Cesar Mattie Founder of Electro Homeopathy (Italy )

What is Electro Homeopathy /How does it Work.

Independent and wonderful medical science In worldwide.

 Electro Homeopathy is an Independent wonderful medical science In worldwide Now it is getting popular day by day in India It is derived from Homeopathy and invented in the 19th century in city Bologna (Italy)by Dr.  Count Cesare  Mattie Or we can say this is a Modified version of homeopathy including It”S  medicines in combination forms, and injectable also, The philosophy of Count Cesare  Mattie founder of electro homeopathy  is a Bioenergy Of the only 114 mostly European medicinal plants Which enables them Wonder to work, This bioenergy Works like an electrical current, Homeo is a Philosophy of doctor Samuel Hahnemann

The fundamental law of Electro homeopathy

Blood and Lymph two are vital fluids in the body If through some defect in the blood or lymph, an element that no longer plays a useful part in a tissue continues there it deranges life and so causes disease. The same thing happens if it is expelled and no element replaces it. The restoration to the organism of its natural mode of action can only be affected by the expulsion of the effete element and the substitution of an element that is similar to what the effete element was work. To introduce such an element is to administer medicine. And only that can be considered true medicine which will thus reestablish the natural functions. in its normal condition.. Only a similar element can fill the place which is or must be vacated, and do the

How Electro-Homeopathy finishes the roots of the diseases

when the same medicine which is in form of extraction of the plant is a form of bioenergy administered to replace the affected element can be considered true medicine which will thus reestablish the natural functions. in its normal condition.. Only a similar element can fill the place or electro Homeo remedies do this.

This is what Mattei means when he says “Life is in the blood, disease in its vitiations, and medicine in similars.” This is what he means when he implies that Angiaticose  is also in the vitiations of the lymph and that medicine in this case, too, is in similars,

What is disease

According to his view, the human organization is entirely built up by, and so dependent upon, the lymph and the blood.

If these two liquids are in a perfectly normal state the whole body will be healthful. As the old and worn-out or super-oxidized elements are eliminated from the system by perspiration through the skin, by expiration through the lungs, or by excretion by means of the kidneys, &c., and carried back to the inorganic world whence they came, the blood and the lymph will supply similar new elements to take their places. And by this admirable process of decomposition and recomposition life and health are continued.

If, however, either the lymph or the blood, or both, are so vitiated that they cannot supply the tissues with the matter which they require in place of that which has become super-oxidized, disease ensues.

To remedy this vitiation Mattei believes it to be necessary to use remedies that can correct the abnormal Symptoms manifested in different parts of the organism. If true remedies are discovered and exhibited to the organism in a subtle and dynamized form, he holds that the lymph and the blood will take up into themselves

in the next article, I will discuss lymph and blood,

Writer Dr, Teji (M D) EH.


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