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ASCITES Cure by Electro-Homeopathy.


Ascites Cure , Electro Homeopathy is extremely effective in the management of a large variety of liver diseases. I have already successfully treated large varieties of liver diseases in my last several years of practice from all over India and abroad Patients with simple self-limiting conditions like Simple Jaundice to those suffering from the more complicated conditions like cirrhosis of the liver and hepatocellular carcinoma can derive benefits with Electro Homeopathy Several diseases of the liver have no specific treatment in modern medicine.

These conditions may develop due to a variety of causes:

heavy alcohol consumption and chronic viral hepatitis being two of the commonest causes.

If the patient comes to us in the early stages, Electro Homeopathy treatment can keep the disease arrested and, in many cases, improve it to an extent that it becomes undetectable. for example, this is  recently I have  cured Ascites of patient

Before Treatment

Name Jasbir Kaur from Sangrur (Punjab) India, she was not only suffering from ascites but also morbidities like Asthma, Chronic hepatitis c, Diabetes, and 68 years old, Here I will not only share the detail of the patient, but will also   like to tell you here  what is Ascites, causes, symptoms, and treatments

After Treatment

In patients who have advanced cirrhosis, our treatment is directed towards keeping the disease arrested and maintaining a high quality of life for the patient.

 Signs and symptoms of


 the build-up of large amounts of fluid in the abdomen (ascites) and bleeding from dilated veins of the food pipe (oesophageal varices) are also effectively managed with homeopathic treatment.

Drug-induced liver injury

is also a condition that we often come across. 75% of these cases are said to lead to either liver transplant or death. This condition may arise after courses of antibiotics and a variety of other conventional drugs are taken. In this condition, the liver is under acute strain with very limited options in allopathy, since the patient may react adversely to other drugs too. Many such cases that were being treated at intensive care units at leading hospitals of the world have made dramatic recoveries after starting homeopathic treatment.


Ascites refer to the accumulation of free fluid in the peritoneal cavity, Cirrhosis is a common cause of ascites, but there are many other causes to be considered even in a patient with chronic liver disease The main causes of ascites are.

  • malignant Disease
  • Cardiac Failure
  • Hypoproteinaemia
  • Hepatic venous occlusion

Viral infections

  • Hepatitis  A virus
  • Hepatitis  B virus
  • Hepatitis  C virus
  • Hepatitis  D virus
  • Alcoholic
  • Drug-induced
  • Post viral
Clinical features
  •  Abdominal distension
  • with fullness in the flanks,
  • shifting dullness on percussion,
  •  the fluid thrill when a lot of ascites is present

These signs do not appear until the ascites volume exceeds a liter even in thin patients, and much larger volumes can be hard to detect in the obese. Associated features consequent on ascites include distortion or eversion of the umbilicus,


Caused by malignant disease,

  •  cardiac failure in the great majority of patients,
  •  presence of cirrhosis does not necessarily mean that this is the cause of the ascites.
  •   Liver function is good
  • no portal hypertension,
  • such patients, a complication of cirrhosis,
  •  hepatocellular carcinoma or
  • portal vein thrombosis
  • Ascites with a protein concentration above 25 g/l raises the possibility of infection,
  •  tuberculosis,
  • malignancy,
  • hepatic venous obstruction,
  • pancreatic
  • rarely hypothyroidism.

Treatment and Ascites Cure

Diuretics medicine of Electro Homeopathic

like Apis mell

and others according to the severity of the disease and symptoms

Written by Dr.Teji Mob 09815381970

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